Jorge Torres Maria Blanco ' Derecho Viejo' performance

Jorge Torres Maria Blanco 'Tango in Paradise' Festival, Bali. 
Private classes at Atomic Ballroom
Irvine, CA.

Now we are on sunday! Two classes and then practilonga!


MARIA BLANCO: Maria had finished high school and was about to start university when she realized what she really wanted was not fashion design, it was dancing. As a child she studied ballet dance with a teacher who woke up her senses using music and scents to introduce her to the language of dancing. Maria has always been connected to art in its many different expressions. She has studied: mural painting, percussion, photography, pottery and acting. In addition to Tango, she has studied several dance and movement forms including: Afro and Afro-American dance, jazz, modern, ballet, yoga and pilates. Maria is always in touch with art because she thinks that “to live surrounded by art wakes up your senses, the different expressions nourish each other and the sensibility of an artist is endless.” Maria began dancing tango the day a friend asked her to take a class. She fell completely in love with tango the day she first entered a milonga – the people, the atmosphere and the music charmed her forever. “Art is a language: a tool of knowledge and a tool of communication” Jean Dubuffet
Maria has perform in several shows, tango festivals,corporate events, advertisements and TV presentations around the United States, Asia, Europe and Latina America. Model for Vogue, National Geographic and Travel & Lesure photographers.


I have developed an instructional system for our classes.I consider the goals of each student and teach according to that. I combine individual technique, couple’s exercises and dancing so the student can learn a lot but have fun at the same time. I focus on technique and precision without forgetting musicality, how to differentiate the orchestras, the codes of this dance and keeping the roots of our culture alive.

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